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Take your vehicle to a place you can trust with a long standing reputation of excellence for over 35 years.


We work with ALL insurance companies. Let us help you with your insurance claim.


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Q.  Do I have to take my car to an insurance company’s preferred shop?  


A.  NO!!!  It is your vehicle and you should always take it to a shop you feel comfortable with.  We work with all insurance companies on behalf of our customers to assure repairs are preformed timely and properly.



Q. What if I already have an estimate from the insurance company and they didn’t offer enough money to repair the damages sustained to my vehicle?  


A.  All insurance estimates are open and subject to change.  Using a supplemental process we can add additional parts, labor, and paint to the insurance estimates.  Using this process is how we can assure your vehicle will be repaired properly.



Q.  If there is a supplement on my vehicle will it take longer to fix?  


A.  Most of the time yes, but not always, it is solely dependent on the size of the supplement.  Most often additional labor and/or parts are needed.  In short, more parts and labor will equal more repair time.  If the supplement is large enough, it may require approval and re-inspection by an inspector from the insurance company.   If the supplement is small, a phone call may suffice.  



*If you have received an estimate from an insurance company and have questions, we would be more than happy to address any concerns you may have.  Feel free to stop by our shop during business hours and speak to our knowledgeable staff.   




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