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Plastic Media Blasting


With our plastic media blaster we can remove any rust or paint from a wide variety of metals. Tell us your project so we can give life back to your weathered items. 


  • Environmentally Safe 

  • No Pitting or Warping 

  • Eliminates Paint Adhesion Problems 

  • Safe for phosphate & galvanized metal coatings


All blasting is done in an enclosed room so that all media can be reclaimed and recycled.

This equipment was originally developed for the military to strip paint from aircraft and other equipment needing to be repainted.

The operator wears protective headgear, coveralls, and gloves while blasting. We use a high volume of air at a low pressure to push the plastic media through the nozzle. Because the pressure is low, this will not pit or warp most metal surfaces. Also it does not remove the original protective coatings from the surface. Special care must be taken with Aluminum or fiberglass.

The result, a clean smooth surface. A little bit of edge sanding and you are ready for primer.


We can strip most anything metal and even some fiberglass.

Here is the end result..



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